The Society's annual frolics

Each year members of the Parson Woodforde Society gather in a location associated with James Woodforde. We call these expeditions 'frolics', the term used by Woodforde. In common use in the eighteenth century, it denoted a celebration or entertainment.

Founder Canon Rule Wilson at GalhamptonThe Society's founder Canon Leslie Rule Wilson outside William Woodforde's home at Galhampton during the 1984 Somerset frolic [Parson Woodforde Society archives]Over the years we have visited the diarist's childhood home in Somerset and the villages where he served as a curate; Winchester, where he attended boarding school; Oxford, for his university days; Norfolk, where he served as parish priest for nearly 29 years; and Bath and London, which he visited as a tourist.

These convivial occasions are great fun, involving explorations and the opportunity to make new friends. We often have a coach or boat trip (or both), and make visits to churches, museums and exhibitions of direct relevance to Woodforde and his diary. We have two formal dinners, usually with a guest speaker at one of them.

Members of the Society can read news of individual frolics by viewing the Members' area.

Parson Woodforde Society Frolic-28Sept23-museum-groupAt the Suffolk Coast frolic: outside the Lowestoft Museum at Oulton Broad [photo Lowestoft Museum 2023]